Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About the IEDOPNA

The Inland Empire Do Peace & Nonviolence Alliance began when Bobbi Jo Chavarria and her friend Shauna Llaguno, visited Senator Boxer and Congressman Baca’s office in San Bernardino Valentine’s Day 2006 delivering heart-shaped cookies with the message that Peace wanted a piece of the cookie.

The IEDOPNA has grown to over 350 online members
and supporters, and an active local group that has held Department of Peace lobbying campaigns on Mother’s Day, Walk for Peace fundraising events in September, a community dialogue in Fontana about peace in January 2007 and POSE FOR PEACE, in which they gathered over 50 picture postcards in 4 days to take on their visits to Capitol Hill at the conclusion of their national conference. In 2007, the IEDOPNA was honored by Citizen's Action for Peace (CAP) with their annual group award.

The IEDOPNA has hosted a benefit and a production of a play entitled, “The Gift of Peace” inspired by the Department of Peace legislation and continues to lobby local congressional representatives to sponsor and support HR808.

Contribute SUPPLIES

Contribute SUPPLIES
· copy paper
· cardstock
· postage stamps (postcard & regular postage)
· ink cartridges (Canon MX330)
· blank DVDs/CDs
· pens/pencils
· Office Supply Store gift cards (OfficeMax, Staples, Etc.)
· Frequent Flier miles
· Anything you can think of!

Contact Bobbi Jo at (909) 356-4292 or by email at chuzpeace [at] sbcglobal.net for more information or questions.

Contribute Money

Contribute MONEY
Like any great social movement of the past, both the local and national organizations rely on the generosity of community members to sustain and progress the campaign.

On-going monthly contributions to the national campaign can be set-up for any amount, and help maintain our support staff, our presence in D.C., and national training events, and more.

As a non-profit lobbying organization, contributions are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Contributions to the Peace Alliance Foundation are considered charitable contributions.

Contribute TIME

Contribute TIME
· Assume a leadership role and become an effective citizen advocate for the establishment of a U.S. Department of Peace!
· Meet, organize and work with others in your community who are also committed to create a more peaceful and cooperative world!

There are FOUR functions of our grassroots organization and we are looking for help filling those coordinator spots so that our time, energy, and intention are as effective as possible.

1. Outreach
2. Congressional Liaison
3. Media
4. Fundraising

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